odile chocolat

Trusted Toronto, Ontario-based specialist for chocolate truffles and a great array of delightful confections, Odile Chocolat has announced that it’s now offering gluten-free dairy-free chocolate bark. The company’s chocolate bark combines exquisite natural ingredients and a smooth, rich taste to ensure lasting memories for all chocolate lovers across Toronto.

The health benefits of eating dark chocolate are becoming clearer with each new study disseminated on the subject. Now more and more Canadians are choosing dark chocolate options over the mass produced items found at their local convenience store. One of the challenges for today’s environment-conscious buyer however is finding affordable, exquisite products within their local region. Now though, Torontonians can entrust their chocolate needs to the specialists at Odile Chocolat, a company that is now offering environmentally-friendly items all made by hand and served at affordable prices to their customers across the city.

Whether presented as a gift or bought for personal consumption, the company’s new chocolate bark will delight with its pure taste profile and make a lasting impression with its 70% house blended natural ingredients. In addition to the company’s new chocolate bark product, Odile Chocolat is offering their great array of popular caramels to the Toronto marketplace. Each made using organic sugar, the Odile Chocolat caramels have become a must-have item for those Torontonians with a sweet tooth. One of the most widely chosen items within their caramel selection is the fleur de sel caramel, which combines rich, creamy caramel and a mouth-watering salty flavour and continues to captivate visitors to Odile Chocolat from near and far.

To learn more about the range of delights now on offer through Odile Chocolat, please contact the company directly or visit their business website at www.odilechocolat.com.


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