odile chocolat

Specialty Truffles

54% Callebaut Belgian/64% Guayaquil/75% Tanzanian chocolates and crème fraîche are used for all confectionery. Truffles are package by two, in a labeled cello bag to retain freshness.

• Mexicana 
  Tequila, candied lime peel, chipotle pepper

• Romance 
  Champagne, black pepper, rose petals

• Caribbean 
  Rum, candied orange peel, cinnamon, clove, cayenne

• Bollywood 
  Cardamom, silver leaf

• Rani
  Saffron, pistachio

• Sea Breeze
  Vodka, candied grapefruit peel

• Gentleman 
  Port wine, candied clementine, walnut


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