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Odile Chocolat is proud to announce a new product, Vegan Chocolate Truffles! On Sunday November 5th, a box of Vegan Chocolate Truffles will be released. The box of truffles will have three flavours: basil ginger, rosemary, and mandarin. Odile was inspired to create a Vegan Chocolate Truffle based on requests from her savvy customers and her love of travel. She has travelled the world to inspire the flavours in her shop, most recently visiting France this past September.

In Corsica, France, Odile visited the cliffsides of Bonifacio, Sartene in the mountains and taste-tested Corsican cheeses. She also sampled olive oils with flavours like lemon, clementine, basilic, sesame and lavender. The sampling has inspired Odile to create her own olive oils, leading to the basil ginger, rosemary and mandarin infusions. Inspired by the natural beauty of the cliffs in Corsica and the culinary advances in Paris, Odile has brought back unique transfers to decorate the new Vegan Chocolate Truffles.

Odile Chocolat will be a hosting the Vegan Chocolate Truffle launch on Sunday November 5th from 1 pm to 3 pm. This is a drop-in event for tastings and samplings that include the three Vegan Chocolate Truffles. The Vegan Chocolate Truffles are a nice addition to the line of Vegan treats already available at Odile Chocolat, candied fruit, chocolate bark, hot chocolate and lollipop. A little gem is amongst the candy fruit, candied kumquat a must! Odile wanted to create more options for her frequent vegan customers, leading to this exquisite box of Vegan Chocolate Truffles.

Odile Chocolat is a Toronto-based chocolate shop located on 829 Dundas Street West. Odile honed her craft while growing up as a child near Paris, France. She and her mother would make truffles each Christmas. This family tradition instilled a passion within Odile, forging a 30-year career in the food industry. Odile brings exceptional quality European chocolate products to the people of Toronto. Visit www.odilechocolat.com or drop by the shop at 829 Dundas St West to try these new Vegan Chocolate Truffle treats!


Written by Odile Chatelain — October 27, 2017


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